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Orlando's Handyman is helping to keep elderly people in their Home

We provide advice, labor and materials to older and disabled homeowners in Orlando at a discounted  or donated rate. Our goal is that they can remain independent in there own homes

Community – Orlando, Florida, United States

  With 35 years of experience in home repair, construction, and rental property maintenance. Honesty and fair pricing are our cornerstones. While others pray on the elderly we engage in discounted and donated services for the them. We have been named Handyman of the Year for the last three years by our customers on My Fox Orlando's MoJoPages.com

We provide a certified renovation package for the aging and disabled in place (their home) that could include roll-under kitchen and bathroom sinks, grab bars, curb-less showers,lever faucets and door handles, a zero-step entrance, and wider doors and hallways.

What We Need

While such changes have a price tag, they may cost a lot less with our "current care" alternatives for the elderly. We donate our time, advice, labor and materials to help the elderly stay safe and comfortable in their own homes! 

By donating any amount, it will help us to donate our services to deserving elderly people that may not be able to afford something as simple as painting a aging bathroom or installing lever handle faucets in the bath and kitchen. All donations received go directly to the purchase of materials for these type projects. We donate our time to help match your donation.
Think about what is like to have lived a full life, and now be in your golden years only to not be able to operate a faucet that has knobs. You call a plumber and they quote you $500 or more to change out three faucets. Of course being on a fixed budget makes it almost impossible to afford this.

It so simple, we are trying to help people maintain their dignity and their independence by providing this service.

The Impact of your donation will directly affect the individuals who desperately need and want to be self sufficient in their own homes.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't donate at this time I would ask you to help get the word out and make some noise. Tell others that you saw us here and we are making a difference!

And that’s all there is to it. Your Perk is simple, you donate, we do the work, and another elderly person is made a little safer and more comfortable in their home!
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